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The MQ Board convened a meeting on 20 June 2012 to mediate in a dispute between Stephen Peirce and the Queensland Vintage Motocross Club (QVMX). The mediation was attended by Kim Schiemer and Lisa Fox from the current QVMX Management Committee, Stephen Peirce and Trevor Perren, a Past President of QVMX. MQ thanks all of those involved for their willingness to find an amicable resolution to the issues raised.

The President and Secretary of QVMX and Stephen Peirce have resolved the dispute that has arisen between Mr Peirce and the management committee of QVMX. ¬ 

The management committee of¬ QVMX now recognise that Mr Peirce's removal from the QVMX management committee inadvertently denied Stephen Peirce's rights to natural justice, even though the QVMX committee acted at the time on the basis of external advice, and according to their understanding of the club constitution. ¬ Therefore, the management committee of QVMX apologises to Mr Peirce for that and Mr Peirce accepts that apology as an end to the dispute. ¬ Mr Peirce also confirms that his resignation from the QVMX management committee stands.¬ The club has accepted Mr Peirce's application to be reinstated as a member of QVMX.

Mr Peirce withdraws all statements he has published arising out of the dispute concerning any member of the QVMX management committee and apologises for any offence caused. ¬ Mr Peirce has also agreed to modify his Veteran MX website to better distinguish it from the new official QVMX website, remove reference to the Queensland Vintage Motocross Club mailing address details and to re-direct visitors who are looking for the official QVMX website to the new official QVMX website.¬ 

The management committee of QVMX and Mr Peirce now look forward to promoting the interests of QVMX and vintage MX in general.

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